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Laurel Sandberg-Armstrong, Joe Chvala, Bryan Porter, Karla Grotting, Charles Robison and Brian Evans in "Alice in Wonderland". Photo: Rick Spaulding

REVIEW: The whole crazy adventure


Flying Foot Forum's new "Alice in Wonderland" is "an object lesson in how performance itself can hold us suspended even when character and plot have left the field."

BLOG: Sweet Foundation Money

Social Service | Vision

See the winners of the Knight Arts Challenge. Also, how well are we tackling the Top Ten Most Produced Plays?

Best of 2013-2014: These 6 moments


A clown, a set, a fight, a dance, an improvised monologue and one deliver in Spanish. These are the moments that Derek remembers from last season.

Just a funny video


For your amusement, we compiled a few of outtakes from the Indiegogo campaign video we made. Happy Monday!

Open Letter to Kansas Governor Sam Brownback


TBT: Springboard for the Arts' executive director Laura Zabel responds to veto of Arts Commission budget in her home state, Kansas.

REVIEW: When myth is fact


This production of Erin Shields' "If We Were Birds" dramatizes an emotional truth more powerful than simply making a myth relevant again.

I Went to the Iveys and It Was OK


What do the Iveys mean this year? I actually surprise myself with my answer.

Greatest Hits: Editor's Pics

Meaning and nothingness


People spout shameless nonsense just for attention. Regular Playlist contributor John Middleton begs you not to be one of those people.

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Andrew Troth

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